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Our Story

Our Story

A1 Group came together when we saw that there was an opportunity in the market to offer a full service solution for companies building and maintenance work.

Promising high quality work across all elements of the work - from the initial build to the finishing paintwork.

A1 Group comprises of decorators, builders, gib stoppers, exterior plasterers and project managers, with decades of experience between us. After multiple conversations with people within our network, we saw the need for a business to come along, and with that in mind, merged multiple companies together.

We offer speciality knowledge and skills, across a wide range of trades and industries. By combining specialist companies, we ensure that the caliber of each business matches the other. All of our teams pride themselves on the quality of their work, and bringing together their skillsets enhances the final products.

A full service solution without compromising on quality.

Our knowledge in each area of our work is unparalleled.

Given the depth of knowledge our team has, we understand all of the intricacies that go into these jobs, and the complex processes that need to be managed throughout. With a team of contractors, tradespeople and project managers, we can take care of the process from start to finish and make it easy for you.

Every member of our team has been handpicked for their skills, professionalism and integrity.

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